A Passion for Quality: The Essence Behind Higher Grade’s Flower Selection

Here at Higher Grade cannabis dispensary, commitment to quality is our greatest value, it’s quite literally in our name! With that said, we’re gonna take a trip down and explore the essence behind our cannabis flower selection. Follow along to learn about our passion for quality and how we move from that intention to the finished product on our shelves.

The Importance of Quality in Cannabis Products

As the demand for cannabis products continues to surge, one thing becomes increasingly evident: quality matters more than ever.

It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about the experience, the satisfaction, and the trust that consumers place in the products they choose. In the cannabis industry, quality shouldn’t just be a desirable trait; and here at Higher Grade, it’s a fundamental requirement.

Quality in cannabis products affects not only the efficacy and longevity of effects but also the overall safety and enjoyment of the experience. Whether you’re seeking relief, relaxation, or inspiration, the level of quality in your cannabis matters.

Higher Grade’s Commitment to Quality

At Higher Grade, we quite literally define ourselves as offering only the highest of grade cannabis to our customers. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch cannabis products and delivering them with consistency. We have our iconic vendors to thank for that (we’ll get into that later).

This isn’t just built on marketing hype; our reputation is the result of a consistent commitment to quality that permeates every aspect of our business. From the flower, to the edibles, to concentrates, to our education, and top-notch team, we pride ourselves on only offering the best of the best.

Marijuana buds storage in the glass jar. The process of improving the fresh trimmed cannabis harvest

The Cannabis Flower Selection at Higher Grade

Now, you might be wondering how exactly do we ensure such remarkable quality on a regular basis? It all starts with a meticulous flower selection process. This isn’t a run-of-the-mill, one-size-fits-all operation. It’s an operation that demands precision, expertise, high expectations and a discerning eye.

Higher Grade In-House Grow

Did you know we have our very own in-house grow? Yup! Here at Higher Grade, we offer a complete seed to sale process which includes acquiring seeds, to grow, to flower, to cultivation, to dry, trim, and cure, to packaging, to sale for you to take home. We feel passionately about handling this entire process to ensure the products you take home are of only the highest grade with the purest terpenes and most potent cannabinoids.

710 Labs

This company prides themselves on loving good weed more than anything. That’s why they’ve put their all into producing the highest quality, cleanest, most flavorful cannabis on the market. They pride themselves in the organically sourced inputs they feed their plants.

Boulder Built

Another cultivator we carry is a producer of premier strains sourced from some of the best breeders in the game. Quality drives everything they do in their small-batch grow. Their focus is on producing terpene-rich, high-THC cultivars that are potent, aromatic, flavorful, and unique in the Colorado marketplace.

Green Dot Labs

Through dedication to perfection and innovative cultivation, Green Dot Labs is committed to creating the most vivid expression that the plant of cannabis can offer. Additionally, they are resin farmers, fine-tuning their hydrocarbon extraction process to preserve the mother plant’s true profile and deliver distinctive, exotic terpenes and flavors not found anywhere else.

Our team of experts rigorously assess and select only the finest cannabis flowers available from these vendors (including our very own). Through upholding a stringent criteria we select cultivars by paying attention to factors like aroma, flavor, potency, and appearance. It’s an art as much as it is science, and it’s this dedication to detail that sets us apart.

Why are cannabis genetics so important?

One of the critical facets of Higher Grade’s success lies in our genetic selection. Just as in any craft, the foundation matters. When it comes to cannabis, genetics play a pivotal role in determining the quality and uniqueness of each strain.

From our own in-house grow to our selecting the strains from our iconic vendors, every strain you’ll find here at Higher Grade is guaranteed to have gone through a process of selecting only the best of the best genetics.

By carefully curating and cultivating unique strains, we ensure that our products are not only potent but also offer distinct flavor profiles and experiences that can’t be found elsewhere. It’s this meticulous attention to genetics that truly defines the essence of the flower selection here at Higher Grade!

Selecting Your Next Strain at Higher Grade Cannabis Dispensary – Denver’s Best!

Now that you know the heart behind our commitment to quality, we’d love to show you for ourselves in-person! Whether you live in south Denver, over west, or downtown, we have a location for you to check out. Remember that our only recreational dispensary is our downtown location, but if you’re a medical patient, Cherry Hills and Highland Square is open for you!

We hope to see you soon.

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