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Olio Gummies

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A traditional rosin gummy from Olio. Made with high quality ingredients including fruit and vegetable flavoring and coloring and our solventless rosin. These are an all natural vegan alternative to other products, focusing on the familiarity of traditional onset edibles.

Olios come in three exciting flavors:
Chili Lime Mango, Passion Fruit, and Pomegranate Limeade.

(REC ONLY) ends 10/31

Vendor of the Month: BATCH


With strain-specific extraction techniques and packaging to match, the cleanest full-spectrum distillate in Colorado now comes in fresh packaging, labeled with one of our 30 ever changing strains. Our updated formulation using twice the mono & sesqui-terpenes, not only enhancing flavor, but providing larger, smoother hits and even more accurate strain-specific effects. Our team of scientists and formulation experts have worked tirelessly to bring you your
new favorite cartridge experience.
ENDS 10/31

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