Where Budtenders Buy Their Cannabis Flower in Denver

Right here in the Mile High City’s heart, with its crisp air and a vibrant cannabis scene, a myriad of cultivators craft some of the country’s dankest weed. With that in mind, we thought, to ring in the new year, why not dive into where budtenders buy their cannabis flower in Denver?

Criteria for Choosing Quality Cannabis Flower

First, before we dive into where our favorite cannabis flower is sourced from, we must first review the non-negotiables in choosing them:


From the moment you lay eyes on cannabis flower, you’ll want to pay attention that there was meticulous care that went into cultivating each strain. The vibrant colors, rich trichome coverage, robust aroma, and quality of trimwork are the hallmarks of quality that define quality flower.

2. Purity

True commitment to purity begins with the cultivation process, where sustainable practices are prioritized. Rigorous lab testing ensures that every strain meets stringent standards for cleanliness and potency. When you choose a pure cannabis flower, you’re choosing a product that reflects the true essence of the plant, not the essence of chemicals.

3. Strain Variety

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, budtenders in Denver will make a selection that offers something for everyone. Indicas, sativas, hybrids along with a variety of terpenes and cannabinoids will offer a vast spectrum of effects and flavors. Since every individual is so unique, so should be their cannabis experience. cannabis flower in a glass jar

Top Cannabis Cultivators

Behind every exceptional cannabis flower is a master cultivator. Here in Denver, we’ve aligned ourselves with the best in the business to bring you an unrivaled selection. Let’s take a closer look at where budtenders buy their cannabis flower from here in Denver:

Higher Grade Grow

Renowned for our commitment to excellence, Higher Grade Grow, our own in-house grow, consistently delivers top-tier cannabis flower. From classic strains to innovative hype strains, our dedication to quality shines through in every bud. One grow facility, all-indoor, processing.

Green Dot Labs

With a steadfast commitment to excellence and pioneering cultivation methods, Green Dot Labs strives to capture the fullest essence that the cannabis plant can embody.

As resin farmers, they meticulously refine their hydrocarbon extraction process, aiming to safeguard the authentic profile of the mother plant and present unparalleled terpenes and flavors that are truly unique. We’ve had both Blue Fruit and Roygie Blue strains in store, and our customers have loved them.

710 Labs

Since their inception in 2010, 710 Labs have dedicated themselves to the production of the cleanest, most potent, and intensely flavorful cannabis on the market.

They take immense pride in the organic nutrients that nourish their plants and the meticulous attention they lend to their resin production. 710 Labs’ expert team believes in letting the superior quality of their products speak volumes about their commitment to excellence.

Additionally, we are excited to be featuring 710 Labs as our Vendor of the Month at our Elati St. recreational location in the month of January!


Dedicated to facilitating active and extraordinary lives, Cherry, through their cannabis cultivation practices and strain development, champions a transformative approach. Emphasizing a belief in enhanced living through plant technology, Cherry underscores the profound connection between mind and body.

The firm conviction remains that plants possess the unique capacity to harmonize both aspects, providing relief, optimizing performance, and enriching the overall life experience. We recently started acquiring strains from them and the Cha Cha and Quicksand strains have been a hit!

Tips for Consumers

Now that you’re armed with insights into the world of quality cannabis flower here in Denver, let’s explore how you can make the most of your experience.

1.Learn from Budtender Insights:

Our friendly and knowledgeable budtenders are the heart and soul of our dispensary. Their insights, gained through experience and passion for the plant, are invaluable.

2. Explore Different Strains Based on Preferences:

Variety is the spice of life, and our strain selection is a testament to that. Embrace the opportunity to explore different strains based on your preferences. Whether you seek relaxation, creativity, or a balanced experience, there’s a strain waiting for you.

3. Build a Relationship with Budtenders for Personalized Recommendations:

Our budtenders are more than just experts—they’re your partners in exploration. Building a relationship with them ensures personalized recommendations tailored to your unique preferences and needs. Trust the process, and you’ll discover new favorites along the way.

Choosing Your Next Favorite Cannabis Strain here at Higher Grade — Premier Colorado Dispensary
So now that you have had some context into how budtenders have chosen the best cannabis this city has to offer, we know you’re probably eager to get in to try some of them out. Here at Higher Grade, we are frequently rotating strains from all of the cultivators we spoke about above. So, be sure to come check out all the beauties on display!

Come Experience the Best of Denver
What’s more, grab your party hats because our amazing 38th St. Med. shop recently won “Best Medical Dispensary” in Westword’s Best of Denver 2023! Oh, and did we mention that our Elati Rec. store also bagged the title of “Best Dispensary Bargains” in Westword’s Best of Denver 2022!?

“Higher Grade’s in-house flower is some of the very best in Denver. In fact, we’ve yet to smoke better versions of Raspberry Beret, Grape OZ and Peach Crescendo in town, but the prices are much more affordable than those of popular third-party growers. Weekly deals span everything from edibles to rosin at Higher Grade, and medical members get even more perks. Let the recreational rush hour take place at Higher Grade’s rec shop in the Civic Center neighborhood, and support the medical locations still fighting the good fight.”

— Westword Magazine

We’re beyond stoked, and it’s a magical feeling to see our passion for high-quality, affordable cannabis recognized by the community. But hey, it’s no surprise. Our drive to deliver the highest grade of flower (and other fantastic cannabis goodies) has always been a top priority.

So next time you’re out exploring, swing by our Denver dispensaries. We can’t wait to celebrate these sensational wins with you and help you uncover the perfect cannabis experience.

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